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January 23, 2023
November 21, 2022
November 11, 2022
November 7, 2022


  • Improved window scaling for different screen resolutions
  • Extended metadata (exif/xmp) added to Survey3 images during processing, making them compatible with most image processing programs automatically without adding a camera profile (for example, Pix4D)
  • File paths with " -" and " - " now supported


  • New boot splash picture to help identify program loading, important on slower computers that take longer to load
  • New taskbar icons and window icons for MCC program
  • Fixed issue with Analysis of JPG target images not being selected
  • Handles corrupted (0kb) RAW images by not including them in analysis/processing


  • Improved RAW+JPG image pair discovery during Analysis
  • Added support for analyzing images with higher than _999 image count
  • Minor error handling for when image_list.csv is open when finishing Analysis


New MCC Features

  • Automatic image metadata analysis, no need to manually select input parameters and processing options.
  • Automatic camera model sorting, no need to separate input folder by camera model type.
  • Automatic calibration target image detection, no need to separate target images prior to processing.
  • If subfolder "target" exists it is searched first and only for calibration target images.
  • Other subfolders are not included in input folder search, making data management easier.
  • Extended processing log output allows user to follow along in the processing steps, save as text file.
  • Analyze tab supports viewing and processing percent reflectance images.
  • Analyze tab shows band names in raster index calculator to make selecting the correct band easier.
  • Analyze tab raster calculator is updated with more sample indices.

New Calibration Target Features:

  • Identifies target rotated 0 - 360 degrees.
  • Supports unlimited number of calibration target input images.
  • Supports subfolder named "target" to reduce initial analysis time.
  • Automatic rating and sorting of calibration target images.
  • Images are rated based on proximity to image center and pixel size of sampling region.
  • The top rated target image is then analyzed and used for calibration.
  • Sampling regions are marked on selected calibration target image and saved for review.
If your computer warns you about opening MCC the first time, please disregard.