Frequently Asked Questions
Can I process images from cameras that are not MAPIR brand with MCC?
No, MCC only supports processing MAPIR camera images. Please see the list of supported camera models for more information. We do offer processing of other cameras on MAPIR Cloud, see full list here.
Can I calibrate my images for reflectance without a calibration target?
No. Without an image of the target captured around when the other images are captured you will not be able to relate the image's pixel values to a known reflectance percent.
How should I arrange my images in the input folder?
MCC assumes you have not made any edits to the images or the folder structure of images captured by our MAPIR cameras.
Locating your calibration target images in a sub-folder named "target" will greatly reduce the analysis time on the Process tab. All other sub-folders will be ignored.
Locate all your input images into one main folder. You can include as many different camera models and target images for your input, our software will automatically analyze, process and sort accordingly.
Are there any guidelines to follow when making sure my input folder path is formatted correctly?
The input folder path needs to have all English alphabet characters/letters, there cannot be any foreign characters/letters used.
Can I set my MAPIR Survey3 cameras to auto exposure and process the images in MCC?
No. Survey3 image datasets must have a fixed/locked exposure, so no auto modes. All images of the same camera model must have identical shutter speed and ISO (exposure).
Please refer to our guide on adjusting the exposure if you wish to change exposure.
Can MCC process or analyze orthomosaic images?
No. Only individual MAPIR camera images are supported, not stitched images like an orthomosaic map.
How can I speed up the analysis time in MCC?
Locating your calibration target images in a sub-folder named "target" will greatly reduce the analysis time on the Process tab.
If I will upload my images to MAPIR Cloud should I process in MCC prior to uploading?
No. If you plan to upload to our online processing platform MAPIR Cloud do not edit the images prior to uploading. Cloud will perform all the same processing and more.
Will MAPIR ever support X feature? I really wish MAPIR offered X.
We are always interested in receiving feedback on our products. If you find an issue with our products, or have a suggestion on how we can improve our products please CONTACT US to share your thoughts. Most of our R&D is guided by listening to our customer's biggest needs.
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