Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Refer to the following information about frequently asked questions for MAPIR Cloud

Is there a free/trial plan available so I can test the platform before purchasing a paid subscription plan?

Yes, our IRON plan is available at no charge to view public projects and process smaller Survey3 camera projects of 50 images or less. The IRON plan is a "View Only" plan, meaning it can create orthomosaic maps but they cannot be exported or shared. Please see the "Pricing - Plan Comparison" chart for more details on which features are available in each plan.

Are there discounted monthly or yearly plans available?

Yes. Monthly recurring subscriptions receive a 10% discount and yearly receives 15% discount.

Will my monthly plan subscription automatically renew?

Yes, 30 days after your payment is approved your plan will renew, and also every 30 days after that. You can log into your account at to see which day the payment will be charged, to make adjustments to your payment method, or cancel your recurring subscription. All Cloud payments are final and no refunds are provided for canceling prior to the end of a plan's 30 day period.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Yes, simply purchase the new plan and we will automatically cancel your current plan. Please make sure that the new plan provides enough storage space for your existing data. You can see the amount of storage your plan is currently using in your MAPIR Cloud account admin management page.

How long will my data be retained/preserved on my account if I cancel my subscription?

From the day that we process your cancellation, and/or your paid subscription expires you have 45 days to subscribe to a new paid plan or your data will be deleted.

Can I export data from my account when I am not paying for a subscription?

No, you are only able to export (download/share) data from your plan if you have a current paid subscription. Please make sure to export any data you require prior to cancelling your paid subscription.

What happens when I go over the maximum allowed storage for the plan I am subscribed to?

When you start a new project our software will check the amount of storage you are currently using and if it is equal to or greater than the allowed storage for your existing plan you will be notified on the new project upload page that you have reached the maximum allowed storage for your currently subscribed plan. You will not be able to create new projects or exports for existing projects until you lower your total storage amount or upgrade to a plan allowing more storage. If you require more storage than the Gold plan allows for please CONTACT US.

What happens if my image dataset contains more images than my plan allows per project?

Each plan provides a maximum number of images that you can upload per project. You can "select" more images than your plan allows during the new project creation, but you will not be able to "upload" more than the maximum your plan allows. You can easily toggle through all selected images after they are analyzed, choosing which to upload and not upload in order to adjust the total number of images for upload. To upload more images per project please upgrade to a higher plan level. If you require more images per project than the Gold plan allows for please CONTACT US.

Which camera models do you support uploading images from when creating a new project?

Please refer to the Supported Cameras chart for a list of which camera models we currently support. If you think we should support a camera model not currently listed, please CONTACT US to see if we can offer support.