Project Exports Overview

Refer to the following information about the Project Exports of your MAPIR Cloud account
The Project Export pages in MAPIR Cloud are where you can view a completed project's file export options.

To open the Project Export page click the download icon button at the top of the screen:

The project export will open for the currently selected project:
To generate an export click the associated green "Generate" button. The export will take some time to generate so we will email you when it is ready.
Once an export is ready it will show the green "Download" button.
You can also choose to delete the export by pressing the red "Delete" button.
Click the "Share" button and a new modal window is opened:
Export Sharing allows you to share a public link to the export that you generated. People navigating to the link do not need to have a MAPIR Cloud account or be logged in with an account to download the export.
Link Expiration allows you to set a date that the export will no longer be accessible. It is recommended you set an expiration whenever possible.
Generated exports count towards your total account storage, so if you are low in storage space and do not want to upgrade to a higher Cloud plan level then you can delete your exports to free up some space.