Navigating the World Map

Refer to the following information about navigating the world map section of your MAPIR Cloud account

The world map viewer is manipulated in the same way as most map applications:

Using a computer mouse or track-pad:
  • Left mouse click to drag and pan around the map
  • Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the map
Using a touchscreen:
  • Touch and drag your finger to pan around the map
  • Two-finger pinch gesture to zoom in and out of the map

On the map there are various buttons to interact with:

Clicking the green arrow tabs will open or close the left and right sidebar windows

Map zoom control:

Clicking the + zooms into the map and clicking the - zooms out of the map

Map tile LUT (look up table) color key:

When the currently selected project has a color LUT applied to the processed map tiles you will see a bar appear at the bottom of the map. This bar shows the value range and the associated colors at those values.
In the above LUT bar example the map tiles will have colors ranging from red to yellow to green, with red pixels having a value around 0.3, yellow pixels having values around 0.6 and green pixels having values around 0.9.
You can adjust the LUT values in the Index section of the selected project's left sidebar.