Selecting and Uploading Images

Refer to the following about selecting and uploading images on the Project Pages on your MAPIR Cloud account
To select photos for your project click the Select Images button:
Select the folder of images you wish to upload and then click Upload in the next window that pops up:
When selecting an input folder it will not include images in any subfolders, so make sure to organize you input folder accordingly.
The images will be analyzed and loaded into the image list. The more images selected the longer analysis will take, so please be patient until you see the progress bar disappear.
It is best to not upload any images of the reflectance calibration ground target if possible. You will provide the calibration photo once the project has completed processing.
You can toggle through the selected images by clicking them in the list. The image preview will show up in the top right image preview box.
The markers on the map show the GPS locations of the images. The marker colors are as follows:
Blue Marker: Image will be uploaded
Red Marker: Image will not be uploaded
Yellow Marker: Selected image in image list
You can click the red Clear button to clear the selected image list and then select a new image upload folder.
Once the images you want to upload are selected click the green Upload button.
An image uploading progress bar will show up and the upload counter will increment as the images are uploaded. Do not close the web browser (tab) or move the images while the images are uploading. Once the images are all uploaded you can navigate away from the project page.
If you lose your internet connection during upload simply select the same input folder, let it analyze the images and then click Upload. Only the images not uploaded will be uploaded.