Share Project Button

Refer to the following about the Share Project button on the Project Pages on your MAPIR Cloud account
To share a project click the Share button:
A window will pop up to assist with sharing the project:
To share the project with a new user choose the New option from the drop-down and enter in an email address of another user. If the user does not currently have a MAPIR Cloud account the new user will be emailed instructions on how to setup a new MAPIR Cloud account on the free Iron plan.
Choose the Share method that you require:
  • Share View: Shared project can only be viewed, no edits on project map left sidebar.
  • Share Edit: Shared project can be edited on project map left sidebar. Changes made by any user are reflected in other user accounts for the shared project.
  • Share Duplicate: Completely copies the entire project to a new user. No linking between users.
If you would like to delete the project from a user's account that it was previously shared with choose the Remove option from the first drop-down. Then select the user you wish to delete the share from in the second drop-down and click the Delete button.