Right Sidebar - Project List

Refer to the following information about the right sidebar in the world map viewer
The right sidebar shows all the projects under your Cloud account.
If the green arrow for the right sidebar is closed/collapsed then click it to open the sidebar.
The top header of the Right Sidebar has 2 sort buttons: LOCAL, ALL
LOCAL: Shows only the projects viewable in the current map region/window
ALL: Shows all user projects

Each project on the right sidebar contains the following information:

Project Name

The name of the project. You can edit this in the project's Project Edit Page window.

Go to Map Button

Clicking the map button will open the project in the left sidebar and orient the world map to show the project.

Show/Hide Map Button

Clicking the eye button will toggle the project's map tiles to be turned on or off.

Arrange Layer Order Buttons

The right sidebar is setup as a layer organization. When a project is ordered higher in the sidebar that means that it has a higher Z layer in the world map. If a project is higher in Z then it will be shown on top of (over) any maps listed below it in the right sidebar list. If a project is lower in the list it will be hidden (covered up by) any projects higher in the list.